Session May 3rd, 2015

We had quite the week last week, here is an overview of what was worked on. Hip rotation and power generation while relaxing was the focus of all sessions. Monday evening (April 27) - Short primer on Kusari Fundojutsu: Ippon-me to Roppon-me, focusing on proper hip rotation. 20 minute session Tuesday evening (April 28) - Outside session. We worked on Shomenuchi from 2 and 2.5 ken, alternating with Shomenuchi hanten daho from about 5 ken. This was a challenge, but very interesting to explore. 2 hour session Thursday morning (April 30) - Shomenuchi from 1.5 and 2 ken. 1 hour session Sunday morning (May 3) - Shurikenjutsu, focusing on gyaku uchi only: the diagonal and horizontal variety. 1 hour session.

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