Remote Classes

MSR Canada is one of the few schools authorized by the grandmaster of MSR to provide official remote classes online.


Distance Learning

It is unfortunate that many “martial arts schools” now offer fast-track courses to obtaining your “Black Belt” in 12 months or less. The Meifu Shinkage Ryu Canada Branch does not believe in such nonsense and are against any method that solely provides instruction online in any Japanese form of martial art.

Another teaching method exist that combines online and in-person study of martial art. Such a method is widely known in education as “Blended Learning“, and it has proven to be very efficient and effective. Many universities and other schools use blended learning as a hybrid model combining traditional and modern learning methods.

Blended learning is an education program (formal or informal) that combines online digital media with traditional classroom methods. And this can of course be applied to learning Japanese Martial Arts if it is done the right way. Our head instructor Dr. Chris de Feijter is a certified teacher in regular education as well as online education and has quite some experience teaching online and offline, from teaching children how to print to teaching adults how to throw a bo-shuriken.

In a country as large as Canada, with distances between schools and students that are too large to overcome for weekly training, our Blended Learning provides excellent opportunities to continue your learning. You do not have to rely on a series of videos as done on other websites only. Each online session is live often by yourself or sometimes with another Blended Learning student. supplemented by reviewing your lesson recording.

Combining online and offline study is very simple as we offer three three ways to get started. Any of these is equal in quality and rigour.

Remote Class

Streaming & Equipment
Participants require at least a 10mbs Internet connection, as well as a high-quality webcam and larger screen. We have had participants attend online sessions through their smartphone, however, it is difficult for the participant to see their instructor provide recommendations. An iPad or larger tablet will also work, as long as the camera is not obstructed. The recommended external webcam is the Logitech C920. We use professional online collaboration systems including Pro combined with a set up of two or three webcams to provide several webcam angles for optimum learning.

Get Started
Distance Learning is only available if no other option exist for you to learn Meifu Shinkage Ryu in your area. It cannot be the sole form instruction to you, hence our Blended Learning Model. Continued,

  • We provide in-depth training, not an Accelerated Black Belt Course.
  • Student work as hard as our regular in-dojo members.
  • If you give up fast, look elsewhere!
  • Minimum 18 years of age.
  • Participants have a clear criminal record.
  • Mandatory in-person attendance of at least one of our seminars per calendar year, or train in another MSR Canada Branch affiliated group, or training in Japan.
  • Fast Internet & high end Webcam (Logitech C920 or C922 is highly recommended).
  • Every distance session is recorded for continued review at a later time.
  • Several webcams are used to provide different viewing angles.

Are you ready?
If you think you are ready to commit to Distance Learning for Meifu Shinkage Ryu with the MSR Canada Branch Chief (Dr. Chris de Feijter), please know that it will be hard and enjoyable work! Here are the commitments:

  1. You train by yourself at least once per week for a minimum 45 minutes;
  2. You build your own target following one of our instruction videos (cost between CAD 40 and CAD 100);
  3. You acquire official MSR training tools (initial cost around CAD 150 – 175);
  4. You commit to at least one one-hour training session per 6 weeks;
  5. You commit to paying the MSR Honbu membership fee to Japan (through us, CAD 78 per 6 months);
  6. You commit to in-person training sessions in any Meifu Shinkage Ryu Canada Branch School when the option emerges for you;
  7. Still Interested? Please complete the application form below to get started. We are eager to become part of your MSR Learning path!
Our Process


Distance Learning Application

Training Disclaimer
Please note that Meifu Shinkage Ryu Canada™ as well as any person involved with Taka Budo Dokokai Martial Arts Inc. cannot be held liable for injury, permanent condition, death, and/or financial hardship to yourself and/or family members and/or relatives. Training occurs at your own risk. All members attest to having sufficient medical insurance as well as liability insurance to cover any damages to self or others as a result of training with Meifu Shinkage Ryu Canada™