Session Feb 14, 2015: Fundo Kusari

Fundo Kusari exploration

Training today: - Chris

Another solo session during the weekend, which lasted about 2 hours. The last package we received from Otsuka-Sensei included two plastic training Fundo Kusari, as well as six soft Bou-Shuriken. In addition, the Fundo kusari jutsu Shodan waza dvd  was included. Here is a link on Youtube showing some of the content of the ni-dan dvd. I decided to explore the practice tools for about one hour, in addition to throwing "the daily 10 sets of 5".

With the soft shuriken, I wanted to understand the flight pattern. I recorded several throws using my iPad to determine the angles of the soft Bou-shuriken while it was in the air. I cannot wait to try the soft shuriken with some of the Keikokai members.

From the Fundo Kusari dvd, I decided to practice the first kata, called Ippon-me. I noticed the importance of the left hand to be in the correct position so that it will not be hit by the weight. It seems and looks easy, but after a few tries, I realized it is more difficult than it looks. Although swinging the fundo kusari without power is not that difficult, returning it to the hand is an interesting challenge. With about one month left before the seminar, I decided to keep further training simple, as I want to let Otsuka-Sensei do most of the correction before it becomes too difficult to unlearn mistakes.

Today I also trained using full MSR dogi: the blue Keikogi I had ordered through Yamato budogu and my Hakama. My old regular hakama from Aikijutsu was too small, but my other more formal Hakama fits really well. I think I will be wearing both from now on for each MSR training session.

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