Session Feb 03, 2015

Training today: - Darren and Chris. Today's session ran around 3 hours of intense focus, practicing shomenuchi only, in addition to a lot of budo talk. This session, we focused on relaxation, taking the time to setup each throw, execute it properly with flow and correct arm movement, hip rotation, and step, and taking enough time... whenever a thought slipped into our minds, we stopped, and reset our technique. This resulted in quite some progress from the beginning of the session to the end of the session, especially in allowing to step away from hectic everyday life while observing the beauty of a well executed throw. We also reflected on what Shirakami Ikku-Ken Sensei writes on page 17 in Shuriken-Do:  "One's feeling when the object sticks into the target with the sounds 'gatsu' is so exquisite that I cannot put it into words. It is one that seems to take over my entire being. At the moment that I make a satisfactory hit and hear the sound of 'gatsu', I feel that the power expended in throwing the blade flies back into my hand like lightning." A few photos of our session: [av_one_half first av_uid='av-2ckmd'][av_masonry_gallery ids='831,832,830' items='3' columns='flexible' paginate='pagination' size='fixed masonry' gap='1px' overlay_fx='active' caption_elements='title excerpt' caption_display='always' container_links='active' id='' av_uid='av-ewxcd'][/av_one_half] [av_one_half av_uid='av-8cvnp'][/av_one_half]      

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