Session April 14, 2015

Participants: Darren, Chris (just under 2 hours) Most of the training with Bou shuriken was done from 1.5 ken: shomenuchi, za-uchi, and gyaku-uchi. W also did a few shitate-uchi and dosoku-uchi to mix things up a bit. One of the techniques we worked on was aiming at a low target, and then aiming at a high target as done during the seminar. The aim was on precision. We ended the session with fundo kusarijutsu, ippon-me to roppon-me, with relaxed swings and proper execution of each strike. We will continue with Fundo Kusarijutsu next Monday in the gym, focusing on distance and aim by using several objects at different distances. Next sessions have been scheduled for April 20 (fundo kusarijutsu) and April 21 (Shurikenjutsu)

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