MSR Canada Updates in 2022

We are already almost three months into 2022, so it is time to focus on some exciting updates for the MSR Canada Branch. If you are a current member, you are already aware of these excitements. But if you are not a member, here is your opportunity to start learning Meifu Shinkage Ryu without any excuses.
  1. MSR Canada now has a dedicated Learning Hub for members across Canada. This learning hub contains various resources including videos to continue your learning in between your training sessions.
  2. MSR Canada now has incorporated the Hanbojutsu. A hanbo is a stick of 90 centimetres and is used in combination with the shuriken. A special version of the hanbo - called the Shuken -  is also taught to more advanced students.
  3. We now have incorporated Nikon or Nunchaku kata (forms). We use a safety version of the Nunchaku to teach members a total of 10 kata. The Nunchaku is a personal favourite of the current grandmaster of MSR, Soke Otsuka in Japan. He redeveloped these 10 katas to continue to enjoy learning.
Perhaps you have been wanting to learn MSR from home? Join MSR Canada Branch and start learning.

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