Session March 6, 2015

This session focused on exploring the first three Fundo Kusari kata: Ippon-me: (一本目), Nihon-me (二本目), and Sanbon-me (三本目). Each of these kata was pulled apart to look at the underlying skills. A soft Fundo Kusari was used for the training to ensure safety. In addition, Bou Shuriken practice focused on shomen-uchi and gyaku-uchi, following a training pattern that included taking time for each step. For instance, after shifting from chudan no kamae to yodan no kamae, a pauze of 3 seconds was taken to process the kamae and nigiri as well as to allow for self-correction and to promote metacognition for executing the throw without thought. Next week's session has been moved from Tuesday to Thursday.

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