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The next Meifu Shinkage Ryu Webinar is on June 25, 1pm (CST)

Meifu Shinkage Ryu

Introduction Webinar

Every six weeks, Meifu Shinkage Ryu Canada™ Branch organizes an Introduction Webinar (No Cost). If you are interested in learning about Meifu Shinkage Ryu and especially about the training in Canada, watch one of our upcoming webinars!



Meifu Shinkage Ryu Canada™ strives to organize  one introduction webinar per 6 weeks. These webinars are open to anyone who has an interest in learning about meifu Shinkage Ryu, and especially about training opportunities in Canada.

  • Brief Overview of Meifu Shinkage Ryu
  • How to Hold the MSR Bo-Shuriken
  • What is safe training all about?
  • Safe training Fundo Kusari
  • Examples of Target (2 types)
  • Information about home training and training at a dojo in Canada.

Register for the next Meifu Shinkage Ryu Canada™ Introduction Webinar by completing the form below.Each webinar lasts about 30 minutes, followed by a Questioning and Answer Session. You will receive an email with all the details about logging into the webinar a few days before the event. We use GOTOMEETING or MEETINGBURNER for our webinars.

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The first available Introduction Webinar is on May 28, 2017, 1pm (CST)

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