Product Review: Ninja Gear Canada Bo-Shuriken: The Revised Product

Bo-shuriken Made in Canada


Ninja Gear Canada’s revised product is a great Canadian Bo-shuriken with a fantastic finish. They are now very close to the officially authorized  MSR Bo-shuriken from Japan. The higher weight (5 grams heavier) is due to limitations for getting lighter metal stock at a similar quality. These Bo-shuriken are a great option for anyone who is looking for a Canadian-made Bo-Shuriken.

Full Review

Meifu Shinkage Ryu Saskatchewan Keikokai received another complimentary set of Canadian made Bo-Shuriken, manufactured by Ninja Gear Canada. Chris de Feijter, Leader of the Keikokai agreed to doing a full review about the first product. After receiving a revised set, he shares his thoughts after throwing 100 shomenuchi.

Design revision: The major change from the first set was revising the taper as well as the tip. As you can see in the right image, the shuriken with the shorter end taper is the new product, which is very similar to the Japanese cut-steel version. The weight however is still about 5 grams heavier than the Japanese version. After speaking with the owner of Ninja Gear Canada, I realized that this has to do with the available sizes and weight of stock material in Canada as compared to Japan.