Product Review: Ninja Gear Canada Bo-Shuriken

Bo-shuriken Made in Canada


Ninja Gear Canada’s product is a great Canadian Bo-shuriken with a fantastic finish. They are close to the officially authorized  MSR Bo-shuriken from Japan, with a few differences. Despite the higher weight (5 grams heavier) and the softer metal, these Bo-shuriken are a great option for anyone who is looking for a domestic product.

Full Review

Meifu Shinkage Ryu Saskatchewan Keikokai received a complimentary set of Canadian made Bo-Shuriken, manufactured by Ninja Gear Canada. Chris de Feijter, Leader of the Keikokai agreed to doing a full review about this new product. For this review, Chris threw 500 Shomenuchi into a target made of two layers of Puzzle Mats.

Design and Finish: These Bo-shuriken are designed very nicely, the product finish is extraordinary. Each Bo-shuriken is identical in weight, size, and shape, something that demands a detailed eye from a craftsman. The finish is quite different from many Japanese MSR Bo-shuriken. Ninja Dear Canada uses Nitride to coat each Bo-shuriken. This finish is probably the best one I have come across in any of the Bo-shuriken I have used. Even the forged Bo-shuriken from Japan, which have a smoked finish, do not look as good as the Ninja Gear Bo-shuriken. A major plus is awarded here.

Before I describe the details of this product, please take a look at the video, demonstrating throwing three kinds of Bo-shuriken: #1 is the Ninja Gear Canada Bo-shuriken, #2 is an Official MSR Bo-shuriken (cut steel), and #3 is also an official MSR Bo-shuriken (forged steel).