Learn a Unique Japanese Martial Art in Canada


PO Box 116 La Ronge SK S0J 1L0

Keiko July 29

2 hour session.

We have been starting our sessions with either short taijutsu or jutaijutsu workouts as warmups. During this training, we did some omote gyaku and oni kudaki, as well as mune dori from Shinken Fudo ryu to warm up all the joints and movable parts.

Bo-shuriken focused on shomenuchi and za-uchi only. Our goal was to throw without thought, but yet emphasize accurate brushing. We noticed an incredible difference in shomenuchi with brushing and without brushing (or less brushing). We also noted how angled brushing alters the direction of the bo-shuriken.

Za-uchi practice was done from 2 ken, to better train the short but strong hip movement.