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Session Feb 07, 2015

Training today: – Chris

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Today was a session by myself, doing some technical training as preparation for Tuesday’s session. I focused on Shomenuchi only. The first exercise was to determine the angle of the shuriken after each throw. For that, I used a diagram out of Shirakami Ikku-Ken Sensei book Shuriken-Do (page  88).  When pulling the shuriken out of the puzzle mat, I also took note of how the shuriken had entered the target by looking at the angle of the cut in the mat. I also use an iPad to record a few series of 5 throws. I then played this video frame by frame to determine the flight path of each shuriken. A bit difficult to see, but some fantastic information can be learned from looking at such footage.

The second exercise focused on precision. I remembered playing a game with darts when I was a teenager and wanted to replicate it for shuriken. I drew a grid on one puzzle mat consisting of 16 squares. I gave each square a number. The focus was on aiming for squares in sequence. Shuriken 1 in square 1, shuriken 2 in square 2, et caetera.  Although it seems easy, it was not. Taking time to aim and using proper breathing helped in hitting the desired squares around 50% of hits. This is something I would like to do during our next session on Tuesday.




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