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November 14 training

Todays training was about all Bo-Shuriken waza, all stances and distances from 1 to 2 ken. Gyaku uchi is difficult from 2 ken. After that, I started to train Shomenuchi with the left hand from 1 ken. This was very interesting and forced me to really focus on the hand grip as left is my non-dominant hand. Then I followed up with Shomenuchi with two shuriken, one from the left hand and one from the right hand, thrown at the same time from Heiko-dachi and Fuko-dachi. I ended the training with throwing two shuriken at the same time from the right hand, trying to keep them within a 15cm grouping.

I also experimented with the new style bo-shuriken that arrived yesterday. The Shingetsu-ryu bo-shuriken are so strong that they almost penetrate two puzzle mats. I could not practice with the MSR Hanten-daho shuriken as I did not have enough room to move beyond 3 ken.

Second week of November

Training this week was all solo. With travel schedules, we have not had an opportunity to come together. Nevertheless, each us of continues to practice. Chris focused on shomenuchi from 2 ken, as well as gyaku-uchi, dosoku-uchi, and za-uchi from 1.5 ken. Lance shared a video with a few questions about his gyuaku-uchi, and he came up with a very interesting combination of what looks like dosoku-uchi and gyaku-uchi in one technique. Darren continues to be working on kusari fundo kata for shodan.

We have some exciting training scheduled, some of it will be shared as they occur.