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Session March 20, 2015

Participants: Otsuka-Sensei, Chris.

Thank you sensei for a fantastic private session. We worked on 5th and 4th kyu level waza, with Bou-Shuriken, and 3 kata for fundo kusari. Many great teachable moments, lots of great insight.

Looking forward to Saturday and Sunday.

Session March 12, 2015

Present: Darren, Lance, Chris.

Welcome to our latest MSR member, Lance. This 2-hour session was mainly an introduction session for Lance, where many aspects from MSR were explained, demonstrated and reflected on. Closer towards half way of the session, after explaining balance, footwork and the hand grip position, Lance threw a few sets of 5 Bou Shuriken using Shomen-uchi. He did very well, and was really relaxed in his throw, posture, and mindset.

We decided to leave the real introduction for during the seminar. Nevertheless, Lance decided to become a member of MSR Saskatchewan Keikokai.

Session March 6, 2015

This session focused on exploring the first three Fundo Kusari kata: Ippon-me: (一本目), Nihon-me (二本目), and Sanbon-me (三本目). Each of these kata was pulled apart to look at the underlying skills. A soft Fundo Kusari was used for the training to ensure safety.

In addition, Bou Shuriken practice focused on shomen-uchi and gyaku-uchi, following a training pattern that included taking time for each step. For instance, after shifting from chudan no kamae to yodan no kamae, a pauze of 3 seconds was taken to process the kamae and nigiri as well as to allow for self-correction and to promote metacognition for executing the throw without thought.

Next week’s session has been moved from Tuesday to Thursday.